Horribly disfiguring my Super Ninentendo

What remains of the Super Nintendo. As of the time this picture was taken and posted online (10/27/03), the system works again. I won't say perfectly, as it no longer has, you know, a case. The red-and-black wires you see dangling from the side are, in fact, the power switch. Though the wire snapped during surgery, as long as I don't have to reconnect it with silcon gel I will have required no actual physical work on the console board to fix it. It is this author's conclusion that snapping apart the deck with pliers terrified it into working again.

A wide shot of the work table in front of the couch. In the pile of distorted plastic the slightly-different-colored bit is what used to be the eject switch. Providing technical assistance in the back is the Reverend Al Sharpton.