MoCCA Festival - June 26 & 27, 2004

Neil Swaab sets up his display for Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles. Neil is unbelievably nice and friendly and his strip is hilarious, but damned if that cutout staring at me all day didn't freak me out.

Bill Plympton. In person!

The sign I made up for my table. And yes, I really did only take that long. You should be able to tell.

Some guy wearing a hat that he clearly knows makes him the most awesome guy in the world. I mean, seriously- you just don't wear that hat unless you're awesome.

A really cool poster.

The Dumbrella crew- an assortment of talented web cartoonists who are also some of the nicest and coolest guys around. When I interned at MTV Networks in Winter of 2002, I took orders from Andrew Bell, seem in the black shirt and no other part of his body due to my continuous failure to operate a camera properly. The only other two I can 100% safely identify are Philip Kaarlson and Jon Rosenberg of Goats, seen on the left in green and red/white stripes, respectively.

I said I would, and by god I did.