MoCCA Promotional Event - Attitude 2 - 4/29/04

Scott Bateman was very polite during the event and, as seen here, was rewarded with a fish that he happily caught in his mouth much to the audience's applause. (Enjoying the moment is Mickey Siporin, featured in Attitude 1)

Jason Yungbluth and his wizard hat. A little kid was looking at him funny the whole evening, and when he mentioned it I told him "the kid's probably wondering why Harry Potter let himself go like that."

Ted Rall with Mikhaela Reid.

Neil Swaab poses with an etch-a-sketch drawing he did of Mr. Wiggles for a fan. I'll never see the etch-a-sketch again, but the image of Neil making this face is, I promise you, burned in my head forever.

A. David Rees, B. Ward Sutton, C. Tim Krieder, D. Justin Jones, E. Emily Flake. Because I am a moron with a camera, Ward is looking downwards, plus I completely didn't get Tak Toyoshima in the shot, seen here only as the right arm David is talking to.

Hi, Tom.

Eh. Some guy.

Emily Flake and her table-neighbors asked me to go to the MoCCA people handing out cookies and make them bring more cookies back. Here, Emily clears away stuff to let the guy just leave all the cookies there for them, as Tim Krieder continues to do everything in his power to look exactly like Senator John Edwards.

The cookies were fantastic.